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HR E-Scheduling System

Looking for a way to improve efficiency and productivity in your business? Our HR e-scheduling system will help you make better use of your workforce by helping you allocate your manpower resources more efficiently.

The HR e-scheduling system is designed to help you keep track of your employee roster. The system enables to managers to electronically create and manage schedules for staff on a single platform. These schedules can be shared with employees electronically as notifications.

Our HR e-scheduling system completely eliminates the manual scheduling process and therefore enables management to allocate manpower more effectively. Management can keep track of leave, staff holidays, sick days, staff availability, overtime and many other factors. Any discrepancies in scheduling and work hours can be identified and reports provided on demand.

This scheduling system is suitable for small and large companies alike. It can be scaled up to suit the growth of the workforce. It comes with an application programmable interface (API) that allows for easy integration into any existing system for HR management.