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Human Resource Innovative Solutions


HR Management System

You can now manage your staff from a single platform with our Human resource management system. Our HR management system allows your team to automate all HR processes and access them all from a single platform. Processes are made simple from writing job descriptions to preparing the pay roll. You’ll get more out of your team.

Our system is flexible and can be configured to meet any specific needs of your business. We provide various modules including:

• Payroll
• Employee database
• Leave and claims administration

Our system ensures that your employee profiles are kept up to date and helps your team work more effectively in the hiring of new employees. Errors in time sheets, leave and claims can be easily identified and corrected.

Improve the efficiency of your workforce with a highly efficient and affordable HR management system. This system is applicable for companies with more than five employees and can be adapted to both large and small companies.

HR E-Scheduling System

Looking for a way to improve efficiency and productivity in your business? Our HR e-scheduling system will help you make better use of your workforce by helping you allocate your manpower resources more efficiently.

The HR e-scheduling system is designed to help you keep track of your employee roster. The system enables to managers to electronically create and manage schedules for staff on a single platform. These schedules can be shared with employees electronically as notifications.

Our HR e-scheduling system completely eliminates the manual scheduling process and therefore enables management to allocate manpower more effectively. Management can keep track of leave, staff holidays, sick days, staff availability, overtime and many other factors. Any discrepancies in scheduling and work hours can be identified and reports provided on demand.

This scheduling system is suitable for small and large companies alike. It can be scaled up to suit the growth of the workforce. It comes with an application programmable interface (API) that allows for easy integration into any existing system for HR management.

HR Performance Appraisal System

Are you looking for a way to improve productivity and keep track of the performance of your employees?

Our HR performance appraisal system will provide your business with an end-to-end approach to the management of your staff. Our system allows HR administrators to collaborate with managers in the evaluation of staff in different departments. Track the performance of staff with the performance history features.

The system includes an application programmable interface (API) that makes it possible to integrate your current HR management system to the performance appraisal system. This ensures that you manage employee records, payroll and performance all from a single platform.
Our system is suitable for companies with at least five employees. It can be used in small businesses and scaled up for use as the company grows.

Keeping track of the performance of your employees will help you determine how best to improve their productivity and the productivity of your entire business.

Employees Attendance Tracking System

Keeping track of your employees can be time consuming. Whether you manage a company or an educational institution, ensuring that employees or students get in on time and attend their prescribed time is important. Our attendance tracking system will help you keep track of attendance
of employees or students.

We provide both biometric and RFID systems that will help to keep track of attendance of employees or students and generate reports on the same. The system includes an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows you to integrate it into your current human resource management system or student profile management system making it easier to issue customized warning or informational notifications via email or SMS to employees or students.

We offer the option to include a component in the system that measures and keeps track of employee or student temperatures. This will help ensure absenteeism due to illnesses is justifiable.

Our systems are suitable for companies with at least 5 employees.