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Founded in January 1999, GlucosCare International Pte Ltd specialises in the research and development of glucose-management herbal tea products. Our company is a subsidiary of Wen Ken Group, an established Healthcare Group with over 70 years of experience. This site was build in multi-language English, Chinese, Bahasa and Malay.



Marinex Pharmaceuticals was a joint venture between Singapore Bio- Innovations, a life sciences investment fund of Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and Wen Ken Group (a Singapore-based Natural Medicine/ Pharmaceutical company, established since 1937). They wanted a site that made it easy for  online purchase and responsive to all devices.



Optimax Global focuses on reducing telecom expenses of companies, provide services like telecom bills audit, contract negotiation, telecom report management, RFP management and bill consolidation. The site was build on a customized content management system, enable client login to view telecom expenses.


Business Concept

Since 1990, Business Concept has evolved from nurturer of businesses – providing infrastructure, funding and mentoring many start-ups that are now market leaders in their market segments in the health and functional food industries throughout the region – to a highly sought-after family business consultancy.  This is a one page wordpress, integrated with simple customer…



The Positioning and Wireless Technology Centre draws on the combined synergy and expertise from four engineering schools and the other research centres in NTU. To lead and promote research, product innovation and training in identification, positioning and tracking technologies. The site was build in html for easy maintenance and update by their internal staff.



Sin-Freight has a network of 110 agencies in Globally throughout Asia Pacific, in Europe and the USA. These agencies enable Sin-Freight to deliver reliable and quality network solutions to its customers around the world. The site was build on html with online form freight booking.