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Logistics Innovative Solutions


Freight Management System

Finding it hard to keep track of exports, imports or other shipments? We have the solution for you. Our freight management system provides you with a solution for the complete automation of all freight management operational tasks. Our state of the art system is designed to meet your unique business needs.

The system is designed to streamline logistical processes while adding value to your business. This system works to improve efficiency throughout the process by managing import and export costs, multimodal shipments as well as freights.

Create quotes, keep track of truckloads and booking loads as well as load statuses all from one platform. This system provides a real-time tracking solution for freight handlers, brokers, agents and companies. You’ll know the status of your cargo as well as its movement at all times.
This system provides you with as much or as little information as you would like. Up to date reports can be scheduled, created and run at any time.

Fleet Management System

Want to know how your fleet is performing? Use our fleet management system to keep track of your entire fleet. Our platform gives you a real-time view of the operation of your fleet. Our system includes the use of GPS tracking as well as telematics technology to help you keep track of your fleet’s location at all times.

You can also keep track of your fleet’s repair and maintenance information, safety and operating condition information all from a single platform. Minimize disruptions to your fleet’s operations by ensuring you schedule and manage maintenance. Our system will help you ensure minimal disruption to operation and enhance the safety of your employees while cutting down on operational costs.

Our system enables companies to tailor their fleets’ journeys for better efficiency. You can control costs of operation and improve the utilization of your fleet. Improving productivity and retaining customers is just a click away.

Inventory Management System

Having a hard time with inventory management? You can streamline the inventory management process with our system. This system automates the entire process thus reducing the occurrence of errors and improving all-round efficiency.

Our system will enable your team to keep track of stock availability and track transactional data. Get up-to-date inventory reports whenever you need them. Your team can accurately keep track of the movement of stock as well as its status.
With full system functionality, your team can create sales orders, purchase orders and keep track of orders all from a single platform. All those concerned can create, schedule, run and share inventory reports.

The inventory management system features an application programmable interface (API). This allows you to integrate this system into your current accounting system or any other Point of Sale (PoS) system you may already be using to manage your stock and take your inventory management to a whole new level.