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Mobile Menu Ordering and Payment System

Are you in the food and beverage industry? Get and stay ahead of the competition by offering your customers an easier way to place orders with our mobile menu ordering and payment system. Our system enables your customers to place orders for your products using their mobile devices.

Placing an order using a mobile device no longer has to be limiting. With our mobile menu ordering and payment system, your customers can access your menu from their mobile devices and place orders. They can also manage their own accounts.

Our system is simple and quick. Take advantage of this easy way to bill customers as soon as they place orders. Customers are also able to pay for their orders. Gain customers and keep them loyal to you through our system.

The system comes with an application programmable interface (API) that allows you to integrate it with any point of sale system that you’re currently using.

Point of Sale (PoS) System

Keep track of your sales transactions and inventory all from a single platform with our point of sale system. This system enables you keep track of items in stock and the number of items sold. Ensure that you always have enough stock by scheduling a new order. Reports on inventory and sales will help you determine just what items are selling and which are not making sales.

Control your inventory more efficiently with information right from your cash register. Our system records all that happens at your register. Your team receives real-time information to ensure up-to-date inventory records. You get much more information about any specific sale or the sale of items from our system than from any manual system.

  • Analyze data to figure out the number of sales and adjust your purchasing schedules.
  • Generate reports on seasonal purchasing trends to help your team make informed decisions
  • Improve the accuracy through the integration of our system

Queue Management System

There’s nothing that customers hate more than having to queue for hours on end. Dissatisfied customers are not likely to come back for services or products. If you manage a service or food and beverage institution, you need a queue management system to ensure happy customers.

Our queue management system enables your customers to avoid queuing. They can get their ticket and leave the line to go about other tasks. Your customers will receive SMSnotifications of their queue numbers as well as the estimated time they need to wait in order to be served. When their waiting time is over, they will receive another SMSinforming them of this.

You can generate reports on queue management and determine the efficiency of your team in providing services to customers. Queue management systems will help you drastically improve customer experience and minimize queues at your premises. Your customers will keep coming back for more.