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Website Design or Web Design

Are you looking for something never seen before? Are you looking for the most captivating website that can get you more traffic? Do you already have a website, but you need to recreate it? If yes, then this is where you will get what you are seeking.

A website is the most effective ecommerce portal in today’s digital age, which is why we make sure that our clients get the best web design. Our team of professionals work diligently to create unique, appealing and user-friendly websites. We create a web design plan before we proceed with website development because we believe in actualizing our client’s imagination of what they want their website to be.

At Symm Technologies, we value the time and concerns of our clients. We never disappoint them by providing low quality in any way. Our dedicated team works with coordination to provide impeccable website design or web design, which also works with any ecommerce platform you require for your online business.

Designing an immaculate website is what we at Symm Technologies do best. This is what earns us your confidence and loyalty as our esteemed and revered clients. We believe in establishing a long term and reliable business relationship with all our clients, which is why we go to every length to cater to their needs by providing website development services that are unparalleled. We commit to what we are capable of delivering, and we keep our promise.

Our website designs are creative and aesthetically appealing as well. They also have other interactive, navigational and user-friendly features as well. At the same time, we know that you have competitors, and we make sure we provide websites that keep you one-step ahead in every way possible. All you need to do is tell us what your business is about, what your objectives are, and what your imagination is about the Website design or web designand we will actualise it!

Content Management System CMS

At Symm Technologies, we offer our clients the advantage of a Content Management System CMS that helps manage web content in the most hassle free manner. Making use of both elements of CMS (content management application CMA and content delivery application CDA); we ensure that websites we create have support for Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML). This allows our clients to be able to modify, remove and create new content for the website without having expertise in using Webmaster. Instead, they can use web design templates effectively. Content Management System CMS also allows our clients to be able to use content in various formats like PDF, JPEG and others.

A Content Management System CMS is actually a computer application, which helps web developers, like us, to make sure that our clients can manage their website without constant supervision. It helps us make it very user-friendly and easy to use. The purpose of our doing this is to ensure long-term success and viability for the business of our clients.

Keeping your aims in mind, we develop a unique web content management system that allows you as the owner of the website to control what is published, update the content and run the entire website online without the need to hire a technician or without the need to learn programming skills.

In addition to all the above, using a Content Management System CMS is good for Search Engine Optimisation SEO. It offers the following benefits as well:

  • Immediate content update
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to update content
  • Ideal for non-technical users
  • Supports ecommerce tools
  • Prevents broken links on websites
  • Launches pages faster and better
  • Reduces the number of steps involved in updating the website
  • Makes adding new pages easier and quicker
  • Allows hassle free management of several contributors you have for your web content
  • Helps save money

Ecommerce Portal

E-Commerce web site includes buying and selling of products or services on internet from your website. Ecommerce website development is the most affordable option to promote your business online. By developing ecommerce website, you can reach out to your prospective clients by offering them convenience via online shopping on your website.

Our team of internet professionals will offer you the best advice and innovative ideas that will help make your internet-based websites successful.

There are many instances where people find ecommerce cumbersome because it is full of hindrances. However, this has many technicalities involved, and with a professional touch, straightening the wrinkles and broken links resolves all issues.

Some benefits we offer our clients by providing an ecommerce portal include:

  • Allows you to target end clients directly
  • Is the most affordable online business option
  • Allows you to establish new relationships with potential and regular customers or business associates
  • Allows you to increase product and brand awareness
  • Allows you to target any market in the world

Our special team offers more than these standard benefits via an ecommerce platform.

  • We help you manage all products, product details, product prices and shipping services
  • We help you update images and details of all products using an image editor
  • We create a systematic client account management system that gives each purchaser a personal support screen for their orders
  • We make available a sophisticated order processing system that allows shop administrators to manage several orders, refunds and returned products without annoyance
  • We customise the design of the ecommerce portal according to your specifications
  • We ensure that your customers get free technical support
  • We incorporate an interface system for the shop and for order management
  • We help you with the option of email newsletters to allow constant communication with potential and regular customers

Shopping Cart System:

We at Symm Technologies will setup your shopping cart system, which will be capable of accepting as many as 1 million products. We do not have a minimum limit, and welcome your requirements as a challenge.

Payment Modules:

We make sure that your website is:

  • Capable of processing live credit card transactions
  • Capable of using other payment modules that use the API Payment Module
  • Capable of working with predefined payment gateways like WorldPay, PayPal, 2Checkout, NoChex, eWay and PayMate

Customise Web Application

At Symm Technologies, we remain committed towards offering solutions to help you achieve core IT requirements your business website needs. Our services are extremely flexible, because we design websites to work according to your needs with integrated custom application systems, which is why we customise web application systems for you.

We thoroughly assess you needs, and tailor solutions to make sure that we offer you a highly specialised system. Our portfolio includes services like interface development (for enterprise applications), product development management and custom software development.

As a quality-driven company, our team helps your company to succeed in achieving optimal performance as we customise web application. Thanks to out cutting-edge management policies, we at Symm Technologies are capable of delivering our services in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

Our Custom Application Development services include:

  • A Solution-based Approach
  • Website architecture and design
  • Project management
  • System implementation
  • Support (on-site and off-site)
  • Development services
  • Business analysis and evaluation

We pride ourselves in offering innovative solutions our experienced professionals offer our clients. Our project managers ensure quick turnaround time and timely deliveries that work around the client’s budget. This way we ensure that our clients achieve ROI within the shortest possible time.

Extensive Track Record

Since our establishment, we have launched several products and customized them further according to the clients’ requirements. Applications we developed include CMS, CRM, DMS, GMS and other financial applications.

Our professionals also have experience in using the following frameworks that help us to customise web application and several products:

  • .net 3.5 frameworks
  • .net 3.0 frameworks
  • .net 2.0 frameworks

Our expertise in this area has enables us to use the power of .net platforms and ASP.net as well, using the following:

  • .NET WinForms
  • C#
  • Web Services
  • SQL server
  • XML
  • And others

Web Hosting

At Symm Technologies, our services do not stop at website design orweb design. We also provide the best options for web hosting.

After making a remarkable and captivating website, what happens if your web host services are too slow? Before pages load, potential customers will leave your website because they will lose interest within the first minute of landing on your website. It does not stop at achieving a high search engine ranking. You need to offer your traffic reason to enjoy visiting your website, and keep them returning to you.

You may have the best web content too, but if the page does not load on time, you cannot win the interest of your potential customers. This is why, we as a team of experienced web designers are here to advice you on what web hosting service you need for your website. The key here is to use a web host that offers high internet speed that will make sure the content (videos, audios and photos) load almost instantaneously.

What is special at Symm Technologies Web Hosting?

We offer our clients the following benefits for selecting our web hosting services:

  • Free Domain Name
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Automated Backups
  • 24/7 Multilingual Support
  • 9% Uptime
  • Money-Back Guarantee

We encourage our clients to choose domain names that are easy to remember, and we encourage them to use keywords that associate them with their business niche. This way, they succeed in making a strong presence online, and ensure their search engine optimisation SEO. Our team of professionals are more than willing to provide suggestions as well.

You will get uninterrupted server uptime 24/7. If you do not feel satisfied with our services, we always guarantee 100% money-back guarantee.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Optimisation of the website’s rank on various search engines is very important for the success of our clients. This is why; our team offers its expertise in picking the right SEO tools and keywords to ensure a swift, almost instantaneous, and effective Search Engine Optimisation SEO process.

How we doSearch Engine Optimisation SEO?

First, we audit all broken links and fix them, then we check missing Meta tags and analyse your website to compare it with your website and usage in your industrial niche.

SEO is a processthat improves the quality and volume of the traffic to your website. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, MySpace and others index web pages and augment the content on these pages to the database on the World Wide Web. This way, when anyone types the specific keyword associated to your website into search engines, the search engine runs it through the database and once it finds a match with your website, it leads the traffic to your website. However, this depends on several technical aspects, which is where our team of experts have unparalleled experience and skills.

Search Engine Marketing is another tool that helps enhance conversion of traffic to sales. Successful integration of keywords and guarantee to get on the SEO high-ranking websites on search engines is a crucial requirement for business marketing online.

Our target here is to optimize each page on your website, this is why it is an on-going process, and it will take us some time. We believe in keeping our clients in the loop at all times, hence we provide transparency and constant update of information as the client witnesses the rank of the website increase on search engines.

Our Search Engine Optimisation SEO services extend to include the following:

  • Article Creation and Submission
  • Blog Creation and Submission
  • Press Releases
  • Strategic Link Popularity
  • Pay-per-click Management

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation SEO, content is very important and we make sure we only use high quality content for your website.